The Nature and New England Collection
The pleasures of the visual haiku on the outer reaches of Cape Cod, to the fertility of the Pioneer Valley of the Connecticut, the tranquility of the Berkshires and comfort of the Greens, yet adventure of the White Mountains, to that ruggedness on the Maine coast, and the depth of its primitive woods have always enthralled me.

Being out is just that, with no stronger barrier than the walls of a tent or my pickup truck cap. A room is an interference, as I want to feel the weather and season, anticipate the changes, and react instinctively to follow the light. I think not of where to stay and may finish a day in the Allagash that dawned on the Great Outer Beach. I wish to know all the variety of the natural beauty, and to appreciate an underlying unity.

New England has an intimate relationship with the environment, and a history to that involvement. I may look closely all day but find few things to photograph. Like a fisherman, sometimes you catch and sometimes you don't. Like the farmer, vagaries of wind and water will determine the crop. And like a logger, I'm harvesting.

It's a romantic view, but an environment can't exist in patches, nor can isolated preserves protect a whole ecosystem. There's more of us and we're more mobile. We're faced with loss, or maybe ever closer intimacy. I hope this work helps maintain a belief in what's real - and possible.