Most of the licensing of the photography for commercial and editorial use has been handled by my agencies, and some of the imagery is available excusively from them. To make more of the depth of the collection readily available increasing use of digital technology is being implemented through this web site.
All stock photography licensing is rights protected.

Pricing is based on usage and the minimum licensing fee for a single image is $200.00.

This policy is to sustain high quality photography and protect the intent of copyright.

Low res scans are avilable for review by email, FTP, CD or password protected web access, and for small to moderate uses, a 2700ppi at 35mm scan. For larger uses a drum scan is recommended with a $50.00 service charge in addition to the licensing fee.

A FedEx account number is required for submission and return of original transparencies.

All materials not held for publication must be returned within 30 days.

Please inquire about your project: